Established in January of 1999,  HOWSER’s goal was to improve the quality of pre-hospital emergency medical care to our local communities by providing innovative and exciting training courses for community members and public safety professionals that convey National Standard Curriculum in a non-traditional manner. 

Our unique training methods offered maximized learning, retention, and understanding of all subject matter presented. 

After many years and hundreds of Howser Students later, our initial goal was achieved!!  We are so proud of all our Alumni who truly make a positive difference everyday.

Now more than ever it is important for Howser Public Safety to once again "raise the bar" in EMS Education.  We will do this through innovative E-Learning.

The Public Safety Professionals of today live hectic lives balancing family/friends, careers, and volunteer/career commitments to their public safety profession.   

Public Safety Agencies are operating with reduced budgets and minimum personnel making traditional recertification courses both costly and inconvenient for employees/volunteers. 

Howser Public Safety has developed a way to maintain our high educational standards while providing flexibility to Connecticut EMS Professional to maintain their EMR and EMT Certifications. 

We are pleased to offer the most innovative E-learning experience with the most student flexibility ever offered.

As part of our Community Education Programming, we will continue to offer mini programs at local businesses to help workplaces train their employees to respond quickly to emergencies, ensure safe working environments, and protect employees and customers from crime including fraud, identity theft, and workplace violence.